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An offshore development centre (ODC) is a large, integrated, and specialised offshore staff that works for a corporation in another nation. It is a team, branch, or subsidiary of an IT firm that operates in another country.

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    If you want to save time and money, ODC is the ideal option. It provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your primary activities. Using the newest tools, technologies, and communication channels, our team of odc models professional with over four years of experience provides modern and unique software solutions and E-Learning Solutions to assist your committed projects overcome financial and personnel challenges.


    Software Development
    For the Mobile-First World, our skilled software engineers team management industry best practises to provide strong, secure, and scalable software development services. They make use of innovative technologies like BlockChain, AI, AR/VR, IoT, and Machine Learning.


    eCommerce Development
    With the right mix of omnichannel presence, know-your-customer tools, and high quality user-centric solutions, we help eCommerce and mCommerce firms expand their client base and generate income. Our customer includes both B2B and B2C companies.


    Mobile App Development
    Our expert mobile app development team turns your concept into a safe and feature-rich mobile app. We create native and cross-platform mobile apps with advanced features like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, chatbots, IoT, VR, and more in eastern europe.


    Web Development
    Thousands of organisations all around the world rely on our offshore development center odc and Offshore Software Development services to satisfy their digital needs. Our dedicated team members has helped many startups and companies construct world-class B2B and B2C web applications thanks to our 16+ years of subject expertise.


    Web Design Services
    Create interactive designs for your brand that have a user-friendly interface, motion graphics, and a visual aspect that matches your brand image flawlessly. Startups, Enterprises, SMEs, and ISVs can benefit from our team's economical business model and innovative website design services.


    Blockchain Development
    With successful Blockchain-based software solutions on Hyperledger, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and more, our offshore development centre has carved out a niche for itself. Blockchain technology may be used to increase data security, save data storage costs, automate processes, and minimise data duplication.

    Why Go For Offshore Development Center?

    We've worked with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries to establish offshore Mobile App development, frontend development teams. You name it: startups, software companies, digital agency, and so on.

    • Sufficient Control

      You have as much control over offshore developers as you have over your in-house team when you engage an offshore development centre. Various long term Project Management tools make this possible.
    • Hiring That Saves You Time

      You may Hire Android Developers and Hire iOS Developers without going through a lengthy hiring procedure or dealing with lengthy notice periods or candidate drop-out concerns. Forget about the arduous interviewing and candidate management.
    • Hiring for a Lower Price

      We set up your ODCs in India, where development and office maintenance costs or cost of living are significantly lower than in North America or Europe. As a result, you won't have to bother about office equipment, communications, or utilities.
    • Technical Expertise of a Broader Scope

      At any point during the development process, you may rapidly add qualified IT specialists & account manager with particular abilities in designing custom software to your project team.
    • Security Precautions

      Several remote team in your office may be working on multiple projects at the same time zones. If you have a confidential project with sensitive data, setting up an ODC might be a better option.
    • Resources That Can Scale

      The amount and type of resources required by your firm may vary depending on the project. In such situation, you'll have more flexibility because you'll be able to decrease teams or transfer positions as your needs change. The size of the team begins with one developer.