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E-Learning Solutions is the use of technology to produce training that can be accessed at any time and from any location, allowing the student to work at his own pace while saving the organisation money and time by avoiding the costs and hassles of giving repetitive training. It is important to create learning material that engages employees and achieves learning goals.

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    End-to-End E-Learning Solutions

    Focusing on improving our client’s productivity, multidisciplinary IT Services teams work with clients to define successful strategies.


    Project Managers

    Project managers must adapt to a constantly changing environment. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to constantly learn and grow. There are many tools and software available to help with managing projects.

    Some of these tools are geared towards managing certain tasks, while others are more general. You can learn from other project managers or try some out yourself. No matter what, remember that the best tools are the ones you can use. Will be in charge of project planning and execution. Project Scheduling and Assigning Responsibilities - Keep a tight eye on the project. Risk Management and Mitigation

    Instructional Designers

    An instructional designer creates and implements high-quality learning materials. They apply the principles of instructional design to all types of content, including, traditional lectures, and other materials.

    The work of an instructional designer includes all phases of the design process, including the analysis of subject matter, the creation of an outline, and the testing of the materials. With 2-10 years of experience, Instructional Designers and Senior Instructional Designers are needed. For Level-1,2,3,4 courses, the user should be able to write storyboards. The person in question will interact with clients and coordinate with the in-house staff.


    QA Editor | Editorial Consultant

    A QA Editor is a qualified individual who acts as an editorial consultant to the Standards Development staff or committee. The QA Editor ensures compliance with CSA's operating procedures, guidelines, and directives.

    The editorial consultant is responsible for quality assurance in the pre-publication stages, and is responsible for ensuring the content is free from plagiarism. She or he will also assist in the preparation of editorial content and ensure that it complies with CSA accreditation requirements.

    Graphic Designer | E learning

    If you have an eye for visual design, then you may have already realized the importance of working as a Graphic Designer for E-Learning Solutions.

    In addition to creating visuals, this position is also responsible for maintaining and developing eLearning modules. A successful eLearning Graphic Designer is expecting to have experience in Flash, HTML, and graphic design. Listed below are some of the job duties of an eLearning Graphics Designer. Read on to discover more about this job title.


    Lectora Developer | E learning

    The new Lectora Developer and React Native Developers e-learning software is designed for building interactive courses. The tool enables the author to create interactive courses with pre-built interaction templates and customize them as needed.

    The in-built template library is free to use, and the development interface allows for flexible scripting. As the name suggests, Lectora has a steep learning curve, but once you're comfortable with the tool, you can start creating interactive content quickly and easily.

    Instructional Designers (Client)

    As an Instructional Designer, you'll work closely with subject matter experts to develop learning materials. This includes creating eLearning experiences that combine a variety of different learning formats.

    You may be asked to interview SMEs to gain an understanding of the subject matter or to observe learners as they complete various tasks. In addition to developing learning materials, you'll be responsible for evaluating their effectiveness.


    Frontend/UI developer (Client)

    UI developers are a type of front-end developer, but they work on different types of projects. They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build and design user-interfaces for a wide variety of websites, apps, and devices.

    In addition, they perform UI/UX design throughout the development process. They often use prototyping solutions to test various components of a website, and they can also do web-based prototyping.

    Frontend/UI + Mobile App developer (Client)

    A Frontend UI App developer Mobile App developer can specialize in many areas, such as web development, mobile applications, and mobile games.

    Their work is not limited to just one type of platform, either. Rather, they can be skilled in various areas of the app industry, such as design, programming, and testing. For example, they can create applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. They may also work on hybrid applications and use several developer languages.


    Backend developer (Client)

    A Backend developer is a software engineer who creates web applications. Every web application is create customized on a remote PC called a server. When a client requests a certain file, the server sends authoring tools it to the client's browser.

    This medium is commonly used to deliver services and is never turned off. There are many different kinds of servers, including Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, learning management system, and Ruby on Rails. Functional programming is action-based and is often used in data science. Popular languages for functional programming include SQL, F#, and Clojure.

    Why Do You Need End-to-End E-Learning Solutions For Your Business?

    • Off-the-Shelf Education

      We build a personalised solution that provides a 'WOW' learning experience by combining the latest and most out-of-the-box educational, custom learning, blended learning, style of learning approaches. Our products are intended to be extremely immersive and hands-on.
    • Mobile Learning

      Our learning system and content are platform agnostic and mobile responsive, ensuring that learning occurs smoothly regardless of the device used, So Hire Android Developers and Hire iOS Developers from Ucliktechnologies.
    • Analytical Techniques

      The Admin dashboard provides information on system utilization, active users, popular online course, elearning solutions, learning and performance, and user sessions. Utilize our interactive dashboard to examine hit data over time.
    • Virtual Reality and Gamification

      In our quest to improve your gamification experience, our dynamic and highly gamified solutions make learning entertaining, based learning, effective, cost effective, customers experiences, and competitive all at the same time.