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We are India's most reputable organisation, offering entire programme modification, bug repairing, testing, documentation updates, root cause analysis, request resolution, and problem detection services. Our application maintenance and support services are backed by a tight service level agreement (SLA). UClik Technologies provides exceptional app maintenance and support & Testing & Quality Assurance services that help you enhance app quality, reduce expenses and increase ROI, and tackle difficult recurrent issues in your app.

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    Our Services

    For your online and mobile apps, you may get full-cycle web and mobile app maintenance. We handle everything from basic support to system monitoring, Technology Consulting and audits.


    Software Support
    Our professionals will assist you with software issues of any complexity level, including standard issue resolution, proactive monitoring, source code issue resolution, application code optimization, and new functionality, among other things.


    Application Maintenance
    We offer a full range of software maintenance services, including technology advice, security audits, frontend development, server management, OS updates, application licence checks, resource availability, and performance monitoring.


    System Monitoring

    To ensure maximum uptime, our staff can monitor your core applications and overall system performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We offer application and server monitoring, as well as event log management and backup and recovery services.


    Application Improvement
    Our services don't stop at mobile app, Cloud & DevOps and website development. We review the present state of a web or mobile application, examine its performance and any flaws, and devise improvement strategies to ensure that software products run better.


    Pre-Support Auditing
    UClik Technologies' software products, as well as those of any other third parties, are audited independently by us. We give a document with a full status evaluation and enhancement recommendations.


    Migration of OS & Server
    If operational systems and servers are not performing optimally, our experts can transfer the product to a different operating system or server to increase performance.

    Benefits of Application Maintenance Services

    An IT service provider can offer a variety of benefits to your organization. By offering these services, you can lower your total cost of ownership and minimize risks associated with software maintenance.

    • Offshore Analysis

      Additionally, you can maximize the return on investment from your apps by offering a roadmap definition, offshorable analysis, and a detailed application portfolio assessment. Application maintenance services also provide developer support, operations support, and end-user support.
    • Improve Performance

      They can help you keep your application running smoothly and avoid unexpected problems.One of the primary benefits of application maintenance services is that they can drastically improve the overall quality and performance of your business.
    • Online Presence

      They can also improve your online presence, reaction season of usages, and overall consumer loyalty. Application maintenance services can also improve your business by changing work designs, updating equipment, tweaking compilers, and removing obsolete functionality.
    • Improvement of Applications

      In addition, application management can recommend new and improved improvements to your application. For a company to reap the benefits of application maintenance services, it is crucial to implement a comprehensive IT management plan.
    • Security

      The benefits of application maintenance services go beyond providing ongoing security to your applications. Regular application maintenance helps applications scale up to meet larger workloads, reduce future costs, and maintain acceptable performance levels.

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us For Application Maintenance Services? In today's complex business and IT environments, application maintenance is crucial to ensure that software continues to perform as intended.

    • Reduce Problems

      Application maintenance involves identifying and fixing problems in the software that affect the functionality of the system. Performing maintenance activities is necessary to avoid costly downtime and ensure that applications are secure against security threats.
    • Advanced Monitoring Tools

      This is achieved by applying advanced monitoring tools. To ensure that our clients get the most from their software, we offer two types of application support.
    • Quality of Web Presence

      While you may be tempted to save money by purchasing new software, it's best to plan for future costs by utilizing application maintenance services. Aside from these, application maintenance will ensure the overall quality of your web presence, response time, and customer satisfaction.